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Perlove Medical at MEDICA 2023: Pioneering Chinese Medical Innovation Takes Flight Globally

The world's largest medical exhibition, the Medica Trade Fair for Medical Devices, took place in Dusseldorf, Germany from November 13th to 16th. Medica is hailed as a barometer of the development of the medical industry, where major manufacturers in the medical equipment industry showcase their latest technologies and products each year. Perlove Medical, a Chinese medical equipment brand with two decades of expertise in medical imaging, participated in this exhibition with its high-end products.

微信图片_20231117144021.png         Product strength is the cornerstone of "going global"         From 2010 to 2023, from Nanjing to Dusseldorf, from a small booth to the vast European market, Perlove Medical's internationalization has never ceased, with continuous technological innovation and robust product strength laying the foundation for its successful global expansion.

Perlove Medical consistently adheres to independent research and development, continuous product innovation, and has introduced high-end devices such as orthopedic surgical robots and flat-panel 3D C-arm. These offerings provide comprehensive solutions for spinal surgery and medical imaging in various hospital departments. The intelligent operation of the equipment, clear clinical images, and a smooth operating experience effectively enhance the precision and efficiency of clinical diagnosis and treatment, delivering higher-quality medical services to patients worldwide.


  A decade of exploration, taking root     Winning customer satisfaction with quality, building customer reputation through service" is the philosophy guiding Perlove Medical's operations in the international market. The company not only focuses on short-term profits but also aims to win more loyal customers by establishing a strong market brand.



During this exhibition, besides the warm reunions with old friends, many new faces visited the Perlove Medical booth to discuss cooperation. This is a result of Perlove Medical's long-term and unremitting efforts in the international market. As a Chinese brand from the other side of the ocean, it is gradually taking root and growing in Europe.

  Providing excellent service and never stopping     To meet the needs of different countries and regions, Perlove Medical has established a dedicated overseas customer service team to provide timely and professional technical support and training for customers. Simultaneously, Perlove Medical offers comprehensive product and solution training, actively engages in academic exchanges, and shares clinical experiences to help end-user hospitals better use Perlove Medical's equipment, thus improving local diagnosis and treatment levels and efficiency.


Overseas Client Visits: Building Global Partnerships with Perlove Medical

In the backdrop of increasingly fierce global market competition, Perlove Medical has successfully overcome the high threshold of the European market and achieved stable development in the international market, thanks to its outstanding product quality and customer-centric service philosophy. Nurturing health through technology, empowering clinical practices through imaging, Perlove Medical will continue to write a new chapter of "Chinese smart manufacturing, soaring overseas!

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