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Orthopedic Surgery Robots + Comprehensive Imaging: Perlove Medical Powers Orthopedic Advancements!

  On November 26, 2023, the 22nd Chinese Orthopedic Association (COA) Academic Conference, in conjunction with the 15th COA Annual Meeting, successfully concluded in Xi'an. With 18,676 attendees from around the globe, 340 participating companies, and a sprawling exhibition space of 29,000 square meters, this conference stands as the largest and most influential orthopedic academic event in China post-pandemic.


  Leading the Way into the Future of Orthopedics Perlove Medical, a dedicated one-stop supplier of orthopedic surgery robots and general radiography imaging equipment, has been deeply rooted in the orthopedic field for 20 years. At this significant event, Perlove Medical showcased innovative products such as orthopedic surgery robots and flat-panel three-dimensional C-arm systems.





  Innovation Driving Orthopedic Progress Perlove Medical is committed to independent research and development, considering product innovation as the core driving force for corporate development. Continuously innovating to meet the growing clinical demands, Perlove Medical's R&D team, after a decade of exploration, introduced the "Spinal Surgery Navigation and Positioning System" by integrating cutting-edge surgical robot technology with three-dimensional imaging. Perlove Medical is the first domestic provider to offer a full-process solution integrating three-dimensional imaging and surgical robots.

  Perlove Medical's in-house developed orthopedic surgery robots, combined with the three-dimensional C-arm system, enable intraoperative three-dimensional imaging and precise surgical positioning with sub-millimeter accuracy. This system facilitates minimally invasive orthopedic surgeries, reduces operation time, and accelerates patient recovery. Furthermore, the entire system streamlines complex spine surgeries, making them more procedural and standardized, thereby shortening the learning curve for doctors and enabling more healthcare professionals to master this advanced technology for better patient care.

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