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Perlove Medical Shines at RSNA Exhibition with Innovative Medical Imaging Solutions

From November 26th to 30th, the most influential academic event in the field of radiology globally, the Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), took place at McCormick Place in Chicago. RSNA has consistently served as a compass for the development of global radiology, revolving around the theme "Leading Through Change" this year. It marks the tenth year of participation for Perlove Medical at RSNA. As a Chinese enterprise with two decades of deep engagement in the medical imaging field, Perlove Medical has consistently committed itself to providing innovative solutions to drive medical transformation, unwaveringly leading the development of medical imaging technology.

01 Setting Sail with Innovation: Perlove's Intelligent Manufacturing

Established in 2003, Perlove Medical is dedicated to delivering high-quality orthopedic surgical robots and medical imaging equipment to clients worldwide, with a sales network covering over 100 countries and regions globally.


Images showcasing overseas service cases (partial) were displayed.

Since its inception, Perlove Medical has adhered to independent research and development, technological innovation, and has mastered core technologies related to orthopedic surgical robots and medical imaging. After years of effort, Perlove Medical has successfully built a comprehensive product line, including orthopedic surgical robots and various medical imaging devices (such as C-arm, DR, digital fluoroscopy, gastrointestinal imaging, oral CBCT, etc.). Every technological innovation from Perlove Medical has brought significant convenience to medical diagnosis and treatment, propelling clinical practices towards digitization, precision, and intelligence.



Images from Perlove Medical's booth, showing numerous medical professionals engaging in discussions and negotiations.

02 Industry Expertise: Leading through Innovation

Perlove Medical, with its profound technological expertise, has introduced several domestically pioneering products. These innovative products not only showcase Perlove Medical's technical capabilities but also highlight the robust innovative drive of Chinese manufacturing.

03 Exploring the Horizon: Witnessing the Future


As the RSNA exhibition approaches its conclusion, we deeply feel that the future of medical imaging development is vividly presented through this grand event. Thanks to technological advancements, policy support, and broader academic exchanges and collaborations globally, new technologies and products continue to emerge. At this exhibition, major manufacturers are more open and inclusive, actively participating in this transformative process. Perlove Medical, with an even more open mindset, is ready to embrace challenges and opportunities, continuously driving innovation and breakthroughs, working collaboratively with partners from all sectors to create a bright future for medical imaging.

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