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Perlove Medical's dynamic flat panel DRF successfully installed in Pakistan, Product quality proves reliability.

Recently, Perlove Medical Dynamic Flat DRF has once again gained recognition in the international market by virtue of wider clinical application, higher imaging quality, faster imaging speed, lower radiation dose, and smarter clinical operation, and has been installed in Pakistani hospitals and will be put into use rapidly, with one Perlove Medical Flat DRF equipment being installed at the same time.


Pakistan is an important neighboring country of China. Local medical resources are relatively scarce, especially in primary medical institutions. The introduction of the two DR equipment will bring accurate and efficient solutions for the diagnosis of diseases in local hospitals, so that more patients can get timely and accurate treatment.


Precision Imaging, Intelligent Technology Enabling Clinical Diagnosis.Perlove Medical Dynamic Flat DRF is a digital photography and fluoroscopy system developed and produced by Perlove Medical with the combination of clinical needs and the essence of many years of technology. With multi-functional, high-efficiency, intelligent and other advantages, it stands out among the many dynamic DR products in the industry, and has gained a high degree of attention and praise from customers.


Comprehensive application of both dynamic and static imaging.Adopting a new generation of dynamic flat panel detector with both dynamic and static acquisition functions, it can easily realize the functions of digital photography, digital gastrointestinal, digital fluoroscopy, digital imaging, real-time high-definition film counting, video preservation and playback, and meet the needs of multi-disciplinary clinical examination.

High frame rate dynamic flat panel, high definition imaging.17×17 inches large format imaging, a single exposure to achieve full coverage of the chest, abdomen, without moving to observe the entire dynamic process, to avoid tail dragging, noise on the image to avoid missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis; the highest frame rate of 30 frames / s acquisition, the dynamic image is more fluent, which is convenient to enable the doctor to observe the subtle lesions and improve the diagnostic accuracy.


Intelligent bed lifting, convenient and quick.The bed has a unique wide range of lifting function and low ground clearance, which is convenient for the elderly, children, patients with acute and critical illnesses and patients with mobility problems to get on and off the bed, avoiding secondary injuries in the process of moving. At the same time, it is more convenient for doctors to operate near the table, and doctors of different heights can adjust the height of the bed according to their needs, which makes the operation more comfortable and also facilitates the carrying out of all kinds of imaging examinations.


Multi-dimensional motion design, flexible and efficient.The symmetrical design of the bed body, together with the large angle swing arm of the tube, can realize the dead-angle-free position; the bed body can be up and down freely, move freely, and be widely used; the SID can be electrically stretched up to 1.8 meters, which can satisfy the needs of the standard chest radiographs and the identification of pneumoconiosis; the design of the electrically-controlled 360° infinite rotating foot pedal enables the patient to complete the observation of multiple angles quickly and efficiently without rotating. Various intelligent designs based on clinical needs make the operation of the equipment more convenient and quicker.


High-quality image chain configuration, quality assurance.Large thermal capacity dual-focus high-speed  tube, easy to deal with high-intensity clinical work; ultra-high-power, high-frequency inverter high-voltage generator, the source to protect the quality of the entire machine; standard with dual high-density filter grids, special distance dedicated to further enhance the quality of the image, and at the same time, the use of advanced pulse fluoroscopy technology, to achieve the perfect fusion of low-dose and high-definition images, not only for the clinic to provide a basis for accurate diagnosis, but also for children and patients who need to be ingested multiple times to provide further care. It also provides further care for children and patients.


As more and more Perlove Medical DR equipments are exported to countries all over the world and gained good reputation globally, we will be more determined to uphold the concept of "Quality First, Service Foremost", continuously optimize the performance of our products, improve the quality of our services, further strengthen the cooperation with foreign countries, and promote more excellent medical imaging equipments of Perlove Medical to the international market, so as to make contribution to the health of the global people!

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