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CMEF Live Streaming|Perlove’s high-end DRF injects technological power into precision medicine!

On April 11th, the highly anticipated 89th China International Medical Equipment (Spring) Fair (CMEF) was grandly opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition brought together many famous enterprises to showcase the latest technology and innovations in the medical field. As a leader in the field of medical imaging, Perlove Medical became a highlight of the exhibition with its high-quality products and innovative technologies.


Exhibition Scene

On the exhibition site, Perlove booth attracted the attention of many visitors and professionals. The key products on display included the latest high-end dynamic flat-panel DRF and suspended dynamic DR series, which are widely used in clinical applications, meeting a variety of functions such as filming, fluoroscopy, gastrointestinal, imaging, etc. They can realize high-quality and high-efficiency imaging effects, and also complete high-definition spotting under visual conditions, which effectively avoids leakage and misdiagnosis caused by the blind shooting of the traditional static DR, and provides doctors with a more comprehensive and accurate diagnostic basis for doctors to provide a more comprehensive and accurate diagnosis.


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Meanwhile, the unique advantages of different products were also fully demonstrated in the exhibition. Perlove Dynamic Flatbed DRF has the first bed lifting function in China, which not only facilitates the elderly, children, patients with acute and critical illnesses as well as patients with mobility difficulties to get on and off the bed, but also makes it easy for doctors to carry out near-table operations and various imaging examinations. At the same time, the symmetrical design of the bed and the large-angle swinging arm of the bulb tube can realize a dead-angle-free position to meet the photographic needs of various parts and angles in the clinic.

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With excellent product quality and performance, Perlove Medical Dynamic Flatbed DRF has obtained the CE-MDR certification of the European Union, which is also China's first CE certificate of the new (MDR) regulation for DRF!

Perlove Suspended Dynamic DR adopts suspended frame design, the sling can be lifted up and down and move horizontally and vertically along the overhead rails, and the bull's head rotates at full angle to meet the application of all parts of the body; the bed surface can be floated up and down, front and back, and left and right in six directions to give patients a more comfortable examination experience. In addition, the balloon tube and detector are automatically tracked and aligned; the chest film position and the under-bed position are electrically converted, and intelligent operations such as one-button in place. This further enhances the examination efficiency and makes the doctor's work twice as effective with half the effort.

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Innovation Answer Sheet

High-power 3D C-arm World's First Exhibition

Plove Medical has overcome the technical difficulties of 3D imaging, and has been deeply engaged in 3D imaging for more than 10 years, and launched the third generation 3D C-arm - high-power 3D C-arm PLX C7600. In this CMEF, Plove Medical's high-power 3D C-arm has completed the world's premiere exhibition. The high-power 3D C-arm will surely promote the more efficient and extensive application of 3D imaging in the clinic.


3D C-arm PLX C7600

The high-power 3D C-arm attracted many exhibitors to visit and investigate, and visitors showed great interest in the product's technical highlights, image performance and clinical value.

Deep Plowing and Specialized Research

Intelligent Navigation Excellence

Perlove Imaging All High-end

Perlove Medical has always insisted on deep plowing, exploration and innovation in the field of medical imaging and high-end intelligent navigation. The 3D C-arm and self-developed orthopedic surgery robot, with precision as the cornerstone and integrated adaptive alignment, make surgery simpler and more efficient. In addition, the general radiology imaging products on display also showed high-end and intelligentization, which can meet the wider clinical needs for dynamic and static examination, high-definition imaging, convenient positioning and so on. Perlove completed the high-end iteration of the whole series of products to provide high-quality diagnosis and treatment guarantee for every patient.

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Unlimited Potential

Not only Cooperation

But also "medical" Road Companion

Together to Write a Brilliant Chapter of Medical Career


During the exhibition, Perlove Medical's sales team had in-depth communication with visitors, not only sharing cases of Dynamic DR in clinical applications, but also answering their questions about the product, further enhancing the intention of cooperation between the two sides. At the same time, they also had extensive exchanges with industry professionals to explore the infinite possibilities of precision imaging.



At a time of challenges and opportunities, we understand the importance of win-win cooperation. Whether it is an old friend who has gone through the storm together, or a new partner who has a medical dream, Perlove Medical has an open mind to explore the best mode of cooperation. Let's start the journey together and explore the great potential of medical technology. We look forward to working with you in the days to come, and together we will write a brilliant chapter in the cause of human healthcare!


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