Fight against the coronavirus Perlove on the way

On February 2, the Expert Consensus Collaboration Group of the Infectious Disease Imaging Technology Professional Committee of the Imaging Technology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association released the Expert Consensus on Covid-19 Pneumonia Radiological Inspection Program and Infection Air Defense (First Edition)”. Among them, the importance of the mobile X-ray machine in the re-diagnosis and treatment process is clearly pointed out, and it is used as an important tool for pneumonia screening and diagnosis.

Under the epidemic situation, rapid and accurate imaging diagnosis plays a very critical role. The imaging results are important basis for screening cases and continuing to track the development of patients.

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Fight Against Covid-19

Perlove Medical Imaging Product Solutions

As of the end of October 2020, Perlove Medical has produced nearly 3,370 sets of various equipment. 

Among them, more than 1028 sets were sent to China, and a total of 52 engineers were sent to the front line. Due to the serious epidemic situation in Wuhan, 16 engineers went in three batches, completing the installation and training tasks of 20 hospitals without any minute of rest, providing timely medical equipment support for field hospitals of Wuhan.

In the global epidemic prevention and control, Perlove Medical received a total of 257 urgent orders from 28 countries around the world, with a single order of more than 200 units. Fight against the coronavirus, Perlove on the way. Perlove Medical will stand by all the medical staff to win this war without fire.

Perlove Medical Solutions

PLX5200A Mobile Digital Radiography System

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Super ELectric Capacity

● Equipped dedicated super capacitor as the power supply for radiography mode, without direct power supply, and convenient in wards, consulting room. Image collecting is more stable and reliable. long-term working with short charging(finished within 20 minutes).

Large Capacity Lithium Battery Pack

● Electric power assisted, helping move continuously 20Km by a single charge, long-distance endurance can be satisfied.

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PLX5100 Mobile Digital Radiography System

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● The rocker arm can move up and down, the combined tube can rotate at multiple angles, with the wireless panel it is more convenient to operate.

● The width of the body is only 62cm, which can easily pass through narrow passages and can be used for clinical exposure in the ward.

● PLX5100 uses lightweight materials, the weight of the whole machine is less than 150KG, innovative mechanical design, light and flexible to move; dislocation brake system, safe and reliable braking.

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